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Call of Duty – Black Ops 2: Demo Build Leaked information

Well, fancy that. Treyarch and Activison have suffered a leak. Our friends over at Kotaku have managed to get their hands on a demo build of the up coming CoD game, Call of Duty – Black Ops 2. The build, which is said to have been released over on Call of Duty modder iHc James’ channel, shows off the gaming engine.

The original video has of course been removed due to copyright infringement, but not before we got to have a really good look at what’s in store for the upcoming release. The video actually only showed a short clip of gameplay footage, but also some developer commentary and some needlessly bombastic music.

The clip is set in a hillside town. The player activates no-clip mode and goes to town on the hostiles. This season’s most fashionable weapon, the crossbow, also gets a cameo, albeit briefly and then finally the clip ends with the player cadding about with finger guns. Yes, that giveall cheat looks like it is coming back.

Screenshot from Call of Duty - Black Ops 2 (Credit: Treyarch)

Screenshot from Call of Duty – Black Ops 2 (Credit: Treyarch)

Regardless of how excited you are for the upcoming Black Ops installment, this is surely a blow for Activision who minutely plan their release schedule right down to the very last screenshot. The clip was somewhat rough, but the engine is certainly looking solid. There were no glitches here, unlike what happened to me at GamesCom during the hands on. The video is no longer available, though Kotaku do still have a working copy. The rest of us will have to wait until Activision decide to release more details.

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