First Details of Ace Attorney 5 Revealed, Confirmed For Release In U.S. And Europe

While the announcement of Ace Attorney 5 was revealed earlier this year by Capcom, any other info on that game was non-existent. Thanks to the recent issue of Famitsu Magazine, we now have a much better idea of what the next game in the Ace Attorney series will feature.

The magazine reports that the platform for Ace Attorney 5 will be the Nintendo 3DS and that Phoenix Wright will return as the main character. He will also be accompanied by a new female assistant, who will be a central point for the game’s story. Famitsu lists the release date of Ace Attorney 5 as TBA, so no solid date yet on when to expect this game to release in Japan.

Fans in the states should also be excited to know that Capcom has confirmed that Ace Attorney 5 will be coming stateside and also in Europe. So no worries here on whether Capcom was going to bring the game over. However, more info on the game will be shared at a later date, so keep a look out for that.

In the mean time, an official website for the Ace Attorney 5 is up, where you’ll find a couple of screenshots for the game. You’ll also see that the game will indeed make an appearance at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show later this month.


Source: Andriasang, Kotaku