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Black Ops 2, Borderlands 2 & Halo 4 Uncovered In X360 Issue 89 and Cover

X360 goes behind the scenes with Gearbox’s anticipated follow-up to Borderlands in its latest issue discovering that when you have a bazillion guns, you need enemies that are much smarter than you average cannon fodder.

Talking to Gearbox’s lead AI programmer, X360 discovered that a surprising amount of thought has gone into Borderlands 2’s enemy design.

Game difficulty tends to be pretty hard to manage once you start upping the number of players. How do things vary dependent on the number of human players in the game?

Jasper Foreman: “Well, there’s the basic stuff like adding a little bit more health and a little bit more shield, that kind of thing. You’ll see them try to do a little bit more in the way of flanking behaviours. But it also comes down to target priority.

“For instance, you might be playing as a Gunzerker, and as a single player you’re going to just run in there and take up all the aggro; but if you’re multiple players, the enemies have multiple targets to take care of.

“They might see what [the Gunzerker] is doing and try to follow the aggro, but some guy off to the side might decide he’s not going to be fooled by just that and try to go around, get round the back to the sniper.”

Here’s a look at the rest of the issue:


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