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14-year-old hangs himself after playing Call of Duty

“Why quite frankly anybody would want to be playing them, I don’t know.

“It’s very important that young children don’t play them or have access to

“I make a plea with parents to keep a very close eye on their children in that

“For whatever reason, and it is I’m afraid somewhat mysterious, Callum just
decided that he was going to put the tie around his neck and suspend himself
from the bunk beds.

“Was that with the intention of killing himself or just to give you a shock,
we don’t know.”

Before he died at his family home in Brinnington, near Stockport in March last
year, Callum had been upstairs in his bedroom playing on the computer.

The hearing was told he had been a fan of playing Call of Duty, where players
adopt the role of “soldiers” fighting in contemporary wars.

When asked about the game by the coroner, Callum’s mother Emma Green became
visibly upset, admitting she had known of the age restriction.

She told the coroner: “Callum was 14, 15, he was very mature.

“Kids play worse games than that. He was allowed to play Call of Duty but not
other games. He was only allowed a few hours on the PC.

“Does that make me a bad parent? Because I let him play those games?

“I banned him from other games where they slash their throats and stuff, I
stopped him playing that, but Call of Duty I didn’t.”

The court heard that on the day Callum had died he had stayed home from school
with a sprained ankle and had argued with his younger sister when she
returned that afternoon about making a sandwich.

A plate had been broken in the kitchen and Callum was told he was grounded by
his mother.

Callum became quite upset but remained downstairs with the family, having
something to eat and drink in the kitchen before going to his room to use
the computer,

His mother said: “I was watching telly and I went upstairs about 4:50pm and
that’s when I found him.”

The boy was described as “friendly and popular” by his school.

In May Keith Vaz, the chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, called for
greater restrictions on violent video games after the Norwegian mass killer
Anders Breivik claimed he “trained” on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Source Article from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/video-games/9522314/14-year-old-hangs-himself-after-playing-Call-of-Duty.html

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