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Black Ops 2 Elite integration details coming next month – Elite 2.0

September reveal planned for Elite 2.0’s “innovative features”.

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The first details on Call of Duty: Elite’s integration with Black Ops II will be released during September, Activision has revealed.

Beyond the revelation that this year’s version of Elite will include “several innovative features”, it’s currently unknown how the service will function with Treyarch’s upcoming sequel.

A subscription to the online service is also absent from Black Ops II’s Care Package and Hardened Edition. In contrast, a pre-paid 12 month subscription was included with Modern Warfare 3’s Hardened Edition.

Call of Duty: Elite is an online service offering premium consumers early access to all Call of Duty DLC. Users are also able to track their stats and access a series of exclusive videos from the developers.

Over 10 million people are said to have registered for the service, with over 2m of them signing up to a premium membership.