Black Ops 2 to Offer Substantial Improvements to Audio Design

Treyarch has more in store for competitive gamers than simply offering competitive modes for its upcoming game, Black Ops 2. The studio says that it plans to make improvements to the game’s sound design to serve competitive play.

Speaking to Elite TV, Treyarch studio boss Mark Lamia says that the team will be making substantial improvements to the audio of the game to better complement home theater systems and gaming headsets—specifically ones with surround sound. The list of improvements includes “the audio landscape, the weapons and the way they sound in the different environments.”

He says that the team’s audio department is taking care and attention to mix their audio for different headsets and home theater systems so the game sounds optimal no matter how or where you play the game.

“We know it’s really important, not only for people at home, but for people who compete,” he said. “We’re seeing this phenomena with E-Sports out in the world. We’re paying attention to that phenomena and we think Call of Duty has a very important part in that world, not only from the technology that we’re creating, but our level design and how we’re setting up our games so that those people who like to compete are going to have a great competitive experience.”

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