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The road to Call of Duty XP tournament

8,000 gamers attended Call of Duty XP to see the various events that took place there, see the world premiere of Modern Warfare 3, and not the least; the $1 million tournament. Gamers from all around the world traveled thus far to watch all this happen. All walks of life have seen Call of Duty XP…

Activision held a one million dollar tournament at Call of Duty XP. 32 teams participated in the Call of Duty tournament. The road was long and hard for some, but only one team came out at the top. Activision set up a collection of footage documenting the players and what it takes for a team to get from the bottom to the top. Enjoy…

But who won? It boiled down to Team Infinity against Team OpTic going for the championship gold: 400,000 dollars. If you do not know who Team OpTic is; Team Optic is one of the most well known, one of the most revered online gaming clan in gaming history today. OpTicGaming rose from the pits of Call of Duty 2 online gaming, to stardom with their YouTube channel called OpticNation. They went on to Call of Duty XP against 32 other teams, and won the tournament. The video below is the last 5 minutes of the World Championships tournament…

Congratulations to Team OpTic for their teamwork!

OpTic Rising
OpTicGaming: We’re #1!

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