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A new MW3 Video to debut at Champions League?

There are reports coming in about a new Modern Warfare 3 Ad during the finals of Champions Leagues game between Manchester United and Barcelona. [source] The ad spot is the final act of the trailer we already saw – the Modern Warfare 3 reveal campaign. It was revealed at the NBA finals game a week ago.

It will be aired on Sky Sports 1 and ITV, which are United Kingdom channels. It will be aired 11am PST. As disclosed by Fox:

Union of European Football Associations Champions League
Barcelona, Spain vs. Manchester United, England
Live Wembley Stadium, London at 11am pacific time or 2pm eastern time on Fox

So, by the time you wake up, the trailer may already have been aired. Don’t expect much from the trailer though because the trailer may be an extension of what we already saw.

In any event, Activisions European marketing director, Daniel Green said this about the ad:

“We’re really excited to start showing our fans what they can expect from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, with over 7m YouTube views of our reveal trailer since it was released on Tuesday, it seems our fans are just as excited.”