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Rare’s new game is a Kinect launch title

Rare is a legendary game studio that developed some of the greatest games ever. From Sabre Wulf, to PinBot, to Killer Instinct, to Perfect Dark, to Kameo. Rare has also had a track record of developing licensed games for the world’s leading brands – from WWE’s Wrestlemania games, to Marble Madness, to various Mickey games, to various Wheel of Fortune games, to finally, Who #%@&ing framed Roger Rabbit!? Rare went into a publishing agreement with Nintendo that would eventually mean that they became first party company of Nintendo – resulting in some of Nintendo’s brands being rebooted and retrofitted for modern times – one of the most successful of these games was Donkey Kong Country. Rare got purchased by Microsoft and they developed a few new IP’s for Microsoft from Xbox 360 launch, to now, when Microsoft is about to launch Kinect. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Kinect Sports!