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New Inside Xbox episode gives overview of Xbox Series X

Microsoft revealed Xbox Series X at The Game Awards. Then, Microsoft has been dripping new information about Xbox Series X consistently, and openly as if they’re proud to show off the power of Xbox Series X. They even dropped a […]


Xbox Series X Revealed and Detailed

Recently, Microsoft revealed some information on Xbox Series X. Now, a month later, more information is unearthed. This morning, the team at Microsoft, and the team at Digital Foundry co-produced a series of articles, and a series of videos talking […]


Some Xbox Series X specs announced

After the reveal of “Project Scarlett” at E3 2019, Microsoft has been hyping up the Next Generation Xbox console which was revealed at The Game Awards as Xbox Series X. Shortly thereafter, AMD unveiled that Xbox Series X will use […]


New Inside Xbox reveals new games and updates

Microsoft has been on a roll with a teaser of their next game console known as Project Scarlett. Once in a while, Microsoft holds livestreams to announce games, updates, and other Xbox news. In the new Inside Xbox livestream, Microsoft […]


PlayStation 4 Ships 100 Million units worldwide

Sony has been on a roll this generation with PlayStation 4 selling through 96.8 Million units as last reported in April 2019 via the Sony Business Relations site. This morning, Sony not only updated that same Business Relations site, they’ve […]


What we know about Project Scarlett so far

At E3 2018, Microsoft teased that they were working on the next family of consoles. Since then, we’ve been getting conflicting reports about this “family of Xbox consoles.” As E32018 closed, and the year progressed, we’ve been getting a lot […]


E3 2019 had a rocky start

Electronic Arts kicked off E3 2019 with a lackluster EA Play. The event did not unveil any new game, and the only thing the “conference” was for was the DLC’s they have planned for the following games… Apex Legends Battlefield […]


Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio and Xbox One S at E32016

Microsoft had a busy week during E3 2016. Fresh out of the gate, Microsoft reveals that they’ve acquired LinkedIn for a combined $26.2 Billion… This has nothing to do with gaming, but still relevant. The fact that Microsoft has acquired […]


I don’t think Microsoft can get away with the $499 tag

Both Microsoft, and Sony showed their cards by unveiling Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 respectively. Just over the last few days, both companies revealed the prices of their consoles: $499 and $399, respectively. Ever since the Xbox One reveal, Microsoft […]


Xbox One revealed and detailed

Ever since the PlayStation Meeting in February, Sony’s PS4 has been taking over the internet. First whispers of a reveal for the next generation Xbox would start around late March, into April, then into early May, when Activision let it […]