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New Type of Supply Drop in Black Ops 3

A new type of supply drop entitled ‘Bribe’ is now available in Black Ops 3 which was made available with a new game settings update. This new supply drop type guarantees a specialist theme/customisation item, increased cryptokeys and increased odds […]


New Game Settings for PS4 – Black Ops 3

Treyarch have released a new game settings update for Black Ops 3 that fixes a few issues relating to patch 1.05 that was released on 1st Feb. Fixes for exploits on Splash, hit marker bugs fixed. on PS4. Uplink […]


Black Ops 3 Game Settings Update – v. – Zombie Fixes 27th January

Treyarch have released a new game update ( for Xbox One and Playstation 4. update fixes some known Zombies bugs: Fixes issue where players were kicked whilst playing 4 player split screen Fixes issue where Keepers would get stuck Collision […]


Game Settings Update v.43.*.33.5 – Longer Boosting, Farming and more – 11th January – Black Ops 3

A new game settings update has just gone live in Black Ops 3. This fix addresses the aforementioned cryptokey farming, glitch fixing as well as additional boosting. 43.*.33.5 – “Additional boosting, farming, and glitching prevention in MP & ZM,” David said […]


Another Game Settings Update 7th Jan (v43.x.31.5)

Vonderhaar has let us know of another game settings update – the most recent being only yesterday. v.43.x.31.5 fixes. Challenges, zombie  exploits and specialist weapon progression addressed. 43.x.31.5 – Grenades count towards Gung Ho challenge when sprinting. Specialist weapon progression […]


Black Ops 3 Game Settings v43.*.29.5 Update 6th January

Treyarch have released a new game settings update for Black Ops 3 across various platforms. V43.*.29.5. (*caries depending on platform) fixes score streak issues/bugs and some exploits. Here we go again. 43.*.29.5. Control bugs with Scorestreaks. Exploits patched. And a fix for […]


Black Ops 3 Game Settings Update (v. 22nd December

Vonderhaar has taken to Reddit to give us an overview of the latest updates and changes in the game settings update v. The main part of the update is to do with weapon tuning and fixing a flak jacket issue. […]


Another Game Settings Update (v. for Black Ops 3 (10th December)

The game settings have been tweaked again in Black  Ops 3. This time just changes regarding the Call of Duty World League qualifying. Lots of tuning changes ahead of the CWL online qualifiers. Little bit of Tweet storm incoming. […]