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TDM score limit raised to 100 in Black Ops 3

Treyarch have (temporarily) increased the score limit in Team Death Match to 100, from 75, in Black Ops 3. This may be reverted back after the weekend. Black Ops 3 plays faster than Black Ops 2, so TDM games are […]


Treyarch are about to go after Cryptokey Farmers

Vonderhaar has warned Twitter that Black Ops 3 users who are “farming” cryptokeys that the end is nigh. Cryptokey farming is where users are exploiting an issue with the gamemode Search and Destroy. Usually if a player does nothing in a game […]


Map Voting Fix Coming Next Update Says Vonderhaar – Black Ops 3

David Vonderhaar has confirmed on Twitter that the long awaited change to map voting will come with the next Black Ops 3 update. For those unaware, the issue is that there is no limit to the amount of times you can vote […]


Black Ops 3 Game Settings Update (v. 22nd December

Vonderhaar has taken to Reddit to give us an overview of the latest updates and changes in the game settings update v. The main part of the update is to do with weapon tuning and fixing a flak jacket issue. […]


Changes to Map Voting System Coming Soon in Black Ops 3

Tired of playing Combine in the majority of your Black Ops 3 matches? You are not alone. The fact that there are no restrictions/limits to voting for the previous map in Black Ops 3 multiplayer has lead to the same […]


Vonderhaar Denies Skill Based Match Making (SBMM)

As many of you are well aware, this weekend has seen a lot of backlash from Black Ops 3 gamers over alleged changes made to the match making rules. Many users on Reddit were claiming that Treyarch had changed the match […]


Vonderhaar Confirms There is More After Master Prestige in Black Ops 3

As with every Call of Duty game it does not take long for a plethora of players to achieve the maximum prestige level. Black Ops 3 has 10 prestige levels until you become prestige master and it took less than […]


Higher Scorestreaks To Be Buffed in Future Update for Black Ops 3

The higher scorestreaks in Black Ops 3 are apparently not yielding good enough results for Treyarch according to Vonderhaar. Subsequently, these will be buffed (stats improved) in a future game update. Multiple are under-performing from target design goals and will get […]


XP in Search & Destroy Increasing from 250 to 500

David Vonderhaar has mentioned on twitter that the XP achieved with each kill is being raised from 250 to 500 in Search & Destroy. plzz raise up the xp for SnD. it makes it boring to level up. @DavidVonderhaar @Treyarch […]


New ‘Dark Ops’ Challenges Revealed for Black Ops 3

David Vonderhaar took to twitter today and announced a new category of challenges for Black Ops 3 called “Dark Ops”. Black Ops 3 has a category of Challenges called “Dark Ops.” These do not count towards your % complete for […]