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Black Ops 3: KRM-262 Dark Matter Guide

Welcome to the first episode of DMG (Dark Matter Guides) where we will be covering the pump action KRM-262. This shotgun requires a few different challenges (found below) including the easiest being one shot one kill medals. Even though you […]


How to Make DARK MATTER CAMO in Paintshop – Black Ops 3

You don’t need to grind out over all those weapons if you don’t want to! Check out how to create the dark matter camo in the Black Ops 3 paintshop. In this video I talk about this amazing paintshop tutorial […]


The Ultimate Guide to Achieving DARK MATTER in Black Ops 3

Special thank you to Gunshot for producing this guide. Hopefully this will help the Black Ops 3 dark matter camo grind this festive season. So last night I finally earned Dark Matter. I got diamond on every gun in the […]


This is what the DARK MATTER CAMO Looks Like

We reported yesterday that “Dark Matter” is the final mystery camo in Black Ops 3 and to unlock it you have to get diamond on ALL guns. It is not totally unclear how it was unlocked as the user’s prestige […]


Final Camo in Black Ops 3 is “Dark Matter”

The final camo that exceeds diamond is believed to be “Dark Matter“. This info is based off the Dark Ops challenge. This is unlocked by getting diamond camo on every weapon in the game however no one in the world has done […]