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Zombie Rezurrection has been taken over by Zombie Authority

Treyarch released a trailer about the recently released downloadable content for Black Ops, called Rezurrection. This trailer is more of a teaser of what the Map Pack is about… The 4th Map Pack dubbed Rezurrection is on Xbox Live first, […]


Map Pack 4 is Rezurrection

As reported before, what started as a rumor, is now official: Map Pack 4 is coming. It will be called Rezurrection. It seems like a play on the word Resurrection. Not only has it been made official, Treyarch released a […]


PS3 BO update is live, Annihilation activated, and 4th map pack?

Ahead of the July 28th release of Annihilation for PS3, and PC, Treyarch released a patch update. It’s quite a small one. 7/26/11 (Patch 1.11) • Security updates. • Support for Annihilation Map Pack (releasing July 28) • Search and […]