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Official Thread Xbox 360 / One Gamertag Thread

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Gaming illumiNaughty
If you own an Xbox One or 360, and would like to find friends, post your gamertag and console below. When adding someone, let them know you are adding them.[ Please update if you change your gamertag]

360/X1: DuhWhitePanda


I currently am not on Live atm, but when I do get on, I'll share my gamertag. I have a Trinity RGH/DemoN console so if anyone wants anything for Call of Duty or any other game, all you have to do is ask. :) (When I get back on Live of course) :)

matt best

Active Member
Hey there fellers I'm looking for people to play halo and GTA with if any of you have the borderlands pre sequel I'm playing that as well


My Gamertag is ShortieLive. I used to stream pretty regularly back on Mixer and really miss it if I'm honest. I hope to be able to get back to it someday.

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