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PSVita Wipeout 2048 - Unable to connect online

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Is anyone else having issues connecting online? I haven't been able to connect to a multi player game since Sunday 26th


nope been playing multiplayer last couple of nights, seems fine.

I did hear about isolated issues with the multiplayer and that the developer was asking for SEN ID's and they were looking into issues case by case. I'll try find the link with the info.
nope been playing multiplayer last couple of nights, seems fine.

I did hear about isolated issues with the multiplayer and that the developer was asking for SEN ID's and they were looking into issues case by case. I'll try find the link with the info.

Cheers George B that would be appreciated. I have only just purchased the game so have never actually connected to online at all yet, wasn't to impressed that it just bounced me out with an error...not the best start


ok I found the info you need.

It seems a small number of people are experiencing a login error when booting up WipEout 2048. Studio Liverpool’s Technical Director, Dr Stuart Lovegrove, has said that if you are affected, tweet the @wipeout2048 Twitter account with the information, along with your PSN ID.

Also I just went to Dr Stuart Lovegrove's twitter account and there a bunch of people sending him their PSN/SEN ID's with same kind of issue so you can reply to him




heaps of people with connection issues, your not alone.
Thanks for the info and twitter links, I applied the patch then obtained my online pass. I did see a post on Facebook Wipeout 2048 page that stated moments ago that they had upgraded some servers which they believed had resolved the issue. But when I logged into FB again the post had gone from their page, my guess is the fix didn't work and people were still having issues. Think I will just be patient as it seems the devs are on the case to resolve this pretty soon.
According to the Wipeout 2048 Facebook page, server upgrades have now been performed and they are confident the online issues for all effected have now been resolved. Will have to try this out tonight to see if its now working for me, fingers crossed
All sorted for me now. I was enjoying the multiplayer last night!, excellent game. I love the way you can take a photo of yourself before the race begins and its shown on the screen when you destroy someone and if your in the top 3 at the end of the race. Nice touch


Active Member
Do you actually take your picture when it does that?

I usually just pass it up because I am a bit camera shy but it is a nice feature.
yeah I grab a pic most times. Sometimes the timers goes so quick i don't get a chance to take a pic tho. Have been laughing lots as seen a few pics of people pulling weird faces
...or that actually might be there normal faces
...either way its a nice feature.
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