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Which photo editing software do you use?

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Which Photo Editing Software do you use commonly?

I use Photoshop for the most part, but haven't even touched it recently. I used to use Gimp 2.0 a long time ago.
I use a combination of Photoshop and Paint.NET. Photoshop when I can actually find the effort to design something graphically pleasing.

Paint.NET, however, can often perform a lot of Photoshop-esque functions at a much quicker pace. And it's much more ideal for pixel art, for things like the the cat sprites in my signature and my signature avatar. For anything I want to be gleaming with graphical beauty, however, Photoshop.


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I have Photoshop CS6 for when I want to do things, but don't really use it that much. I might get back into it though, seems like a fun thing to do in my spare time other than posting here:D


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I use Apple's Aperture, what I love about it is you can set levels to enhance a single photo from a shoot and it can then apply those levels to every photo in that shoot, and you can then go touch up every photo individually.

It also allows you to do tethered shoots, which is when you snap a photo and it immediately shows on your Mac (and any settings can be applied automatically and instantly). I use it whenever I'm doing an indoor shoot with a tripod because I can turn the laptop to whoever I'm shooting photos from and they can instantly see each photo as it's taken. I can also use remote desktop to control my Mac through my iPad, and I can walk around and have my DSLR capture photos whenever I choose.


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I still stick to the first photo editing software that I ever used - GIMP. It's a free program and suits my needs perfectly well. It's also easy to use and has plenty of tutorials if you don't understand anything and need help.
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