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When did you start playing Halo?

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Founder of FPSForum
What was the first Halo game you bought, and when did you buy it? Did this spur you on to continue with the franchise?

The Governor

New Member
The first Halo game I owned was Halo 2, but the first one I played was the original Halo. I bought Halo 2 because I enjoyed the series, and still do. I'd still be playing it today if I stuck with the Xbox side.


New Member
I first bought Halo as soon as the original came out for xbox. It was very popular at the time. Everyone was getting it so I wanted it too. I was about 16 I think. I remember my buddies and I would have Halo tournaments all weekend. Lot's of fun!


New Member
I played the first Halo game when it came out. I never did get to play any of the others that followed. I don't know much about the other Halo games that followed the first one, how much have they changed from game to game after the first one?

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