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What kind of music do you enjoy listening ?

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New Member
Anything goes for me, but I mostly listen to Pop and Dance music. But yeah I do like everything else too. Alternative, Indie, Rock, Country, Hip Hop, R&B, Dubstep, Gospel, you name it. I even like Rap (occasionally). The only music genres that I don't like are probably death metal, screamo.. you know, that kind of stuff. I can't stand them. I've tried appreciating them but I just can't. No offense to the listeners though, we all have our tastes and there's absolutely nothing wrong with liking them.


New Member
My favorite type of music would be the Rock genre. I really like bands like Three Days Grace, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, etc. It's just what I like the most...


New Member
I don't have a specified taste for song, i basically listen to any song i like be it rock songs, pop songs, etc.


New Member
All sorts of different genres of music. I absolutely love just about every type of music there is. My favorites, however, are alternative rock (like My Chemical Romance, Aiden, etc.) and pop (like Ke$ha, P!nk, etc.). There really isn't much I won't listen to!


New Member
I listen to a variety of music. HipHop, Metal, Rock, Jazz, and some genre I have no clue what to call it.


New Member
I love Rock music, Rap, Pop, and some Contemporary is good too. I listen to rock artists like We As Human, Skillet, and Family Force 5, pretty much any Christian rap that sounds really good to me. As for rap I listen to Cannon, KB, JSON, Lecrae, and Derek Minor all of which are christian rappers. I don't listen to secular music anymore.


New Member
I prefer any kind of obscure/experimental music like hybrid, industrial, aggressive/passive mixes etc. I feel like my tastes are really obscure, and I can never turn down a song with good atmosphere that takes me to another world, be it a gleaming paradise or a wastelandic dystopia.  Here's one of my favorite vinyl compilations of industrial noises and textures:


New Member
I listen to several genres, though my favorite genre is metalcore. Other than that I enjoy listening to metal, rock, punk rock, DnB and occasionally hiphop. So yeah, I have quite a broad taste when it comes to music.


New Member
I enjoy listening to epic music, specially the battle theme songs. You can say I'm an addicted to it, but I like listening to epic music while doing my early morning walk and on my way to work. That is not to say that I don't listen to other types of music, though. Yeah, I can tolerate mellow music and love songs now and then.


New Member
I like listening to underground hiphop. I find the message in most underground songs relevant to whatever we go through. I only listen to songs that don't praise the use of drugs and weapons.


New Member
Lately i have gotten back into my classics phase a little more. I listened to the Beatles a lot the other day, and that really sparked me to get on some classic rock, and I have been listening to a lot of that and some Bob Dylan a lot lately. I am sure it will change soon, but for the mean time I am loving it.


New Member
Many people will look at me funny when I say this and then ask questions like "How can you listen to that kind of music?" I guess I just enjoy that kind of music and would rather listen to that than some music that is released these days. The music I listen to is Country music, I never get bored it if and find there is a huge range out there to listen to.


New Member
[quote="Mentalist" pid='7338' dateline='1499874002']
I'm into alternative rock, hard rock and heavy metal, but I enjoy classical music as well  :)
Very cool!! could you suggest me some alternative rock to listen to?
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