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What kind of music do you enjoy listening ?

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I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, but give special preferences to classical and old melodies. Slow song has a way to calm me down and soothe my soul. Listening to classical music helps me to think calmly and peacefully about different issues bothering me. Listening to old melodies helps me to refresh me.

What about you? What kind of music do you enjoy listening?


I enjoy to listen to rap for the most part how ever I enjoy a good country song every now and then


Yeah I've listening to a bit of rap and I've checking out songs from artist like BANKS, Shlomo, ODESZA, and some others.


I like to listen to all songs that are being played on the radio, but I mostly listen to rock or metal genre when I want to listen to music on my computer. I can never get tired of some good rock or metal songs, but the pop songs get boring and outdated really fast which is what I don't like about the pop music.


I enjoy many different types of music, but my go to stuff would be Rap, Mostly Mac Miller and Kid Cudi, or some smaller "stoner" type rappers. How ever I don't enjoy a lot of music that gets played on the radio.


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I love all kinds of music! Some of my favorites are swing/big band, classic rock and grunge. I think that was when music was the best (90's grunge)!! Sometimes listening to swing music relaxes me and it makes me think of the old days!


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I'm into a lot of different genres of music. Usually I enjoy more mellow and relaxed music. Also enjoy a lot of classics and motown music. Honestly I'll listen to anything with some artistic integrity and catchy song writing.


I'm a fan of rap/hip-hop, Spanish music (including traditional), R&B, alternative, and, to a much smaller degree, some pop. I hate most pop music but some songs are fun and the lyrics aren't too bad. I mostly enjoy underground rap, but the college station that used to play it replaced that block with classical, so I'm having trouble finding it. I live in rural Northeast PA, so I don't exactly have freestylers on my street.


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I mostly listen to rock and metal music while I game but if I'm playing something that needs a high level of concentration like "DoTa" for example I listen to progressive house music as it would make me relax and concentrate. I also suggest you listen to whatever you listen to while gaming in the background, meaning, you lower its volume below the game's volume so you don't miss out on things happening around you. An example of that would be footsteps in counterstrike.
I love jazz especially instrumentals and the jazz group Hiroshima. Sometimes I fell like classical so I go to youtube.com and listen to it there because it's totally free. On my radio, I still listen to my radio it's KKOL the oldies radio station. Which reminds me the Stylistics are coming in Dec. and there is a high school that's getting proceeds from ticket sales locally.


I listen mostly to hip hop and rock and metal, but recently I've been a lot more into instrumental and soundtrack music either from games or tv series or anime. Payday 2's soundtrack is just <3 I can't stop listening to it.

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