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What is your personal Game of the Year and Worst of the Year!?

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Gaming illumiNaughty
Criteria: The game MUST have come out in 2013, in your region, and you must have played it. The platform is irrelevant, this is based on your person opinion. Please explain why you find the game to be your game of the year and your worst game of the year.

Game of the Year: Fire Emblem Awakening
This was my first every Fire Emblem game, and my second ever strategy RPG, the first being Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions. The graphics aren't anything to write home about. In fact I'm infamous for point out that it looks like they are walking on stumps, as a negative, and then giving the game a perfect in my review... at least to Benna.

What caught my attention about this game is that for a supposedly inferior handheld console this game offered full cut-scenes, limited voice acting, very intelligent & challenging game play, a massive map, and a ton of customization. On top of that, there was free DLC within the first two weeks of the game's release, and a wealth of DLC content, including playable characters, which is still going on to this day.

The story follows your basic JRPG story with classic tropes of over the top villains, a world that has no shred of reality, and heroes which are a pedo panda's wet dream. That being said, each character has their own unique personality which serves to get you emotionally invested in them. Not to mention the story does have its share fair of reveals and twists.

There are hundreds of hours to be had and two modes of game play to select from, all for less than the price of a standard home console game. That is why, in a year that saw Grand Theft Auto, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Beyond Two Souls, AC Black FLag and Na Na Na Na Na Batman bitches, Fire Emblem is my Game of the Year.

Worst Game of the Year: Call of Duty Ghosts
Single player? lol what the fuck is that!? Online is where its at, and it SUCKS! The main thing COD has had over BF is the fast paced action. This year every map is big and has multiple levels. That leads to a slow game, with most games going the time limit. Shotguns are still over powered, lag is still a massive issue, Marksman rifes have now made sniper rifes the best SMGs in the game, and over all camp because Infity Ward provided them the tools to do so.

On the flip side, BF4 has smaller maps and a fast paced TDM game mode. While bitches still camp and the games are longer, its faster paced than this year's version of COD.


Well-Known Member
My personal GOTY has to be The Last Of Us, with Fire Emblem Awakening and Tearaway following suit. Such an amazing game. Great story, likeable characters and great gameplay.

Worst of the year... hmm... not really one that sticks out other than NBA 2K14 for the PS4. The menu just turned me off. It just... to me, sucked.


Gaming illumiNaughty
My personal GOTY has to be The Last Of Us, with Fire Emblem Awakening and Tearaway following suit. Such an amazing game. Great story, likeable characters and great gameplay.

Worst of the year... hmm... not really one that sticks out other than NBA 2K14 for the PS4. The menu just turned me off. It just... to me, sucked.

NBA 2k14 is actually a game I'm looking to play. The Career mode is supposed to be completely different to the PS3 version, which is what us PC guys got.


Active Member
I agree with The last of us for 2013 goty.
the worst? I don't know, maybe by my personal opnion... but some people will get angry... well so I will say the worst game of this decade: Mass effect 3. (all of the 3 games sucks)


Active Member
Worst is hardly worth mentioning, it's the Jak and Daxter Collection for the Vita, I paid full price and I'm not too happy about it.

Best for me? Either Pokemon, which I finished, or Zelda/Tearaway, both I have not.


Well-Known Member
Ok first let me say that I have not played many "2013" games this year. I've been super busy with work and personal life that I didn't have much time to try new games.
So following the rules here it goes:

Game of the Year: THE LAST OF US
This game despite the hype and great reviews was really on my radar since it was announced. The game really gripped me and made me want to find out what was going to happen next, it was very hard to predict how the story would play out. Naughty Dog made me actually care about a video game character which I haven't done since Heavy Rain. Except with the game play offered by The Last of Us its a totally different emotion. My only gripe with this game was the excessively long initial loading screen. Yes as pretty as those spores were I couldn't help but feel my game was stuck in a bootloop.

Honorable Mentions:
Dragons Crown
AC4 Black Flag

Worst Game of the Year: TOMB RAIDER

Ok, I really wanted to play this game. The hype meter was up, reviews were up, however the price dropped really quick and I snatched it up. Started playing the intro and started feeling immersed into the character until some rather unfortunate things happened to laura but then seemed to make no effect on how she was behaving. (For instance, hopping around like assassin Ezio 10 mins after having a rod shoved through your body???) Something just didn't click to make me want to play further. I know my reasoning may sound picky and I have played many games with no immersion factor at all but when the game environment sets a tone for survival and death may be imminent at any time I expected more connection. I wanted to feel like I was really beat the hell up and so close to death.
I could not bear to play much past first few levels before this game went back on the GameStop shelf. I say this as I feel like I should have given the game time to open up and may consider ultimate edition coming to ps4 if price is right.
I can't say this is a bad game nor is it the worst game this year. But following the rules this is the game released this year that I played in which I disliked.



Well-Known Member
I didn't really pick up too many games released this year, I don't think. What comes to mind as worthy of my GOTY would be Tearaway, Steamworld Dig on 3DS (now also on Steam) I feel deserves a mention too but I can't think of much else really.

I don't think I played enough games released this year to pick a WOTY. This year I've done a lot less gaming than I have in as long as I can remember.


Well-Known Member
Spelunky Vita + PS3 is my GOTY. I have put so many hours into that game. So fantastic!

I don't feel qualified to declare a WOTY. Well, really not qualified to declare a GOTY either! Ha ha! I haven't played TLOU or many other games.


Well-Known Member
Yup, GOTY has to be Fire Emblem: Awakening.

WOTY that I have played is definitely Deatmatch Village. Piece of crap freemium game that I had forgotten about had I not searched through my review library over at the Vita Lounge.


Well-Known Member
AC Black Flag..easily the best for me..
Worst. personally.. I hated GTA V.. I just couldn't enjoy the game. I rented it via the library and regretted it ever since.


Well-Known Member
GOTY: The Last of Us

Special mentions: Rayman Legends, Tearaway, Fire Emblem Awakening, Gran Turismo 6

And worst of the year? Not entirely sure on that.

With getting a Wii U in the future, I definitely want to play Super Mario 3D World.


Well-Known Member
GOTY - P4G (since UK launch was february)

Worst - Pokemon Y, such a disappointment for me I hate the single player in pokemon. multiplayer is where its at and I had no one to play with you'd think you can match make by now and even if you do get a game you can only use 3 pokemon wtf


New Member
Best: GTAV
Tales of Xillia
Persona 4 Golden

Worst: Time and Eternity
LEGO Lord of the Rings (Vita) - Maybe 2012 but horrid.


Well-Known Member
GOTY - P4G (since UK launch was february)

Worst - Pokemon Y, such a disappointment for me I hate the single player in pokemon. multiplayer is where its at and I had no one to play with you'd think you can match make by now and even if you do get a game you can only use 3 pokemon wtf

You can play with 6 Pokémon in online play.


Active Member
Ohhhh, for me it's Bioshock Infinity, the reinvented Tomb Raider, Tearaway (utterly ingenious and charming), only just started playing P4G so it's too early to tell (although I like what I see). Also slightly outfield I loved Rogue Legacy too (finally opened New Game+, getting ridiculously hard now lol). Also never got around to playing The Last Of Us although everyone I know managed to get hold of and clock it.

Stinkers though, some of the Free to Play stuff on Steam (Marvel Heroes was a disappointment although nowhere near as bad as Ridge Racer Driftopia, horribly bad free to play racing). I'm normally quite careful before buying something (I normally read up on everything before buying, so thankfully I avoid most of the crap out there lol).


Well-Known Member
Game of the Year - Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - PS4

It has been a long time that I have been this addicted to a game. With so much to do, and a beautiful world to explore, this game is easily the best PS4 game out in my opinion. Not only that, but it also gets my vote for game of the year. This game has made such an impression on me, that I would place it in my top ten favorite games of all time. That is how great this game is, and I feel like anyone who owns a console it is on and does not own this game is missing out.

Worst Game of the Year - Killzone Shadowfall

This is more of a "disappointment of the year" rather than a "worst game of the year". However, my disappointment in this game was so extreme that I wanted to mention it here. A lot of you will think I am crazy, and that's okay, I don't mind turning a few heads.

The issue is, I expected so much more from this game. It is a beautiful game, and it really looks great when you first put it in, but afterwards you realize that the game truly lacks depth. The story mode is awful. The story itself is in no way engaging, it is a challenging but short game. One of my biggest issues with the campaign was the fact that you basically had to beat a whole chapter before turning the game off, or you would be starting over next time. That was frustrating, as the chapters can be long and tedious.

The online play really wasn't what I expected either. This may not be the worst game in terms of visuals, or even gameplay, but overall with the price you pay and the hype of the game I would say it deserves to be on this list for me.

Honorable mentions for game of the year -

Animal Crossing New Leaf - 3DS
Pokemon X and Y - 3DS
Soul Sacrifice - Vita
Grand Theft Auto V - PS3

Dishonorable mentions for worst game of the year -

NBA Live 14 - PS3
Grid 2 - PS3
Mario Party Island Tour - 3DS


Well-Known Member
Best game of the year goes to The Last of Us, no question about it. Fantastic writing and characters combined with great gameplay make for an unforgettable experience that personifies the reason I love gaming. It's been a long time since I've had such a great experience with a game, and TLoU really got me excited to see what ND can do on the now current-gen platform.

I don't really buy bad games, because I do research, but my worst of the year goes to a game I got through PS+. Telltale's Poker Night 2 is filled with glitches, bugs, and optimization issues which lead to freezes and crashes so frequently that the game is literally unplayable on PS3 for any extended period. The characters would be great, but they each have so few lines that you end up hearing the same joke over and over and over again in a single poker game. Even as a 'free' game, I felt ripped off.
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