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Announcement Welcome to DestroyRepeat 5.0!

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It took a really long time, but I'm pleased to announce the redesign is done! Welcome to DestroyRepeat 5.0! Yes, it looks iffy here and there, but we'll fix it. Let me know if there's any issues, bugs, and suggestions you'd like to see implemented in the new DR5.0.


I paid a lot of money for this design to get it where I want it. And we're far from being done. If you'd like something done - Russ will be here shortly to take your suggestions, feedback, ideas, and whatnot. Please, please, please hit us hard. We want your feedback, suggestions, ideas... Areas of improvement. Seriously, hit us hard. I intend for DestroyRepeat to become the #1 Video Game Forum. I don't care what it costs me to get it done. I've already been doing some marketing on Twitter, and I'm going to spend more money on marketing very soon.

Before the redesign, I installed everything that I wanted installed to get to where I want it to be at the moment. Chat is installed, Tapatalk is installed. Now, is there ANYTHING else you want me to do?


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Certainly has been a while since I've been on this site. I'm glad to see you trying to keep forums relevant though Carlos, good stuff!
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