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PS4 Watch dogs or sniper elite 3? And why?

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Sniper elite 3 or watch dogs

  • Watch dogs

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Sniper elite 3

    Votes: 4 80.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Active Member
I know it's not the same game competing with Watch Dogs, but you should check this Gaf thread out, it might help your decision, http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=847418.

Got to say, though having played neither game yet, many of the replies surprised me. This one in particular stands out, "If you have to ask between Watch Dogs and another game, the answer is probably the other game."

John Kreese

Well-Known Member
In fairness to Watch Dogs, I've only played a little bit. It didn't interest me enough to want to go back anytime soon. I will, but I'm not in a hurry. I put in Sniper Elite III (I got the Xbone version since I'm running out of room on my PS4 hard drive) last night. I wish I didn't have to work today so I could play it some more right now. In the long run, things could change as Watch Dogs could improve and Sniper Elite III could get repetitive. Who knows? Hopefully someone who has played both extensively will reply.


Active Member
watch dogs. The story is pretty cool and its open world, so there is alot to see.
sniper elite (which i havent played) but it seems like it would get old very fast


Gaming illumiNaughty
Sniper Elite is my choice. They've updated the graphics from V2 - V3. The gore has been uped, and the locations of Africa or as they spell it "Afrika" have more variety in level design than v2's burned down Berlin. Look its quite simple, you shoot Nazis in their balls. How can that shit get boring!?

When it comes to Watch Dogs, not only did Ubisoft downgrade the graphics and lie to your face like you were some sort of mentally retarded peasant, but this game its literally Assassin's Creed in Modern day. Replace the main protagonist, whatever his name is, and call him Desmond, and tell me I'm lying! Driving is f*cking awful, its so bad that it becomes a pain in the ass to drive a car. That is not a good thing in an OPEN WORLD game. The story is boring and done better in other games, movies, and books, the protagonist is duller than the View, and someone please explain this plot point to me. Why does the protagonist need to steal money from everyone in Chicago to get revenge? Like how many guns does this guy need!? Outsides of finding out that Travon Martin is in the game, and what weird sexual fetishes people have, there is nothing redeeming about this game.


Active Member
The #1 complaint i hear about Sniper Elite 3 is it's far too short for the money..any comment on this from those of you who have played it?


Active Member
Sniper Elite 3 looked really good. I played it for an hour or so and saw the potential there. Watch_Dogs isn't great but might last longer. I'd go with SE3.


Active Member
I'm loving watchdogs enough to try & plat it. Theres a lot of bad feeling towards the game and I don't really understand why. I almost didn't buy it due to what I thought were lukewarm reviews but really glad I did.


Active Member
This is a bit old now but i ended up buying Sniper Elite 3 and renting Watchdogs. I'm glad i made that choice watchdogs isn't a BAD game it just has this "been there done that" feeling to it where as the Sniper elite was my first foray into the series.


Active Member
Hi, I just want to ask if the co-op in sniper elite 3 requires PS+ account. and.... Is the syncing issue already solved?


Active Member
Unsure of the syncing issue you are referring to? As far as Coop any online multiplayer on PS4 requires PS+ sadly.
I have sniper elite 2 in my PS3 and the usual problem in that Version is the syncronization (the game error usually Displays "syncing error encountered") that's why it often Drops the Connection. I checked some Forums about SE3 and People say that it has same Problem like SE2.


Well-Known Member
I really enjoyed Watch Dogs. Not sure if I'll be excited for a sequel since UBI likes to milk the hell out of every IP they have.

Never played Sniper.
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