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Walking Dead S05

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New Member
So, anyone still watching the show? First episode of the second half of season 5 is scheduled to air tonight. I've read almost all the comic books and I've got to say that I enjoyed the show more. The characters in the show feel much more alive and developed, in the comics they all seem the same to me, not much difference between their motivations. Especially the ''evil'' ones, they give of a vibe that they're evil just for the sake of the comic, strange.


New Member
I watch the the show and have religiously all the way through. I am not sure I love the show as much as I once did. It seems like they enjoy killing people off, not because it makes sense in the story, but because they need a little excitement. I have not read the graphic novel, so maybe it is the same there? But it just seems to be all so pointless to me. I am glad Carl wasn't featured in episode one, because I really despise his existence. Lol.

I still watch the show because I have so much invested in it to this point. I don't feel like I could easily just give it up, even if I am not the biggest fan anymore. I don't really look forward to new episodes every week, and I tune in just because I feel like I have to. A lot of the talk and build up for season 5 has been pretty exquisite. It probably isn't fair, but I am building my expectations up yet again.

I really hope it can deliver, but I am not quite sure. They are also busy working on a spin off of the show, which I think may be even better. I am actively looking forward to that one!


New Member
I watched the most recent episode of season five. It was really just a filler episode that tied up some character development. Season 3 did struggle quite a bit in plot development and the quality of the script, but one they changed writers somewhere in season 4, the show vastly improved. I like how it's not just about fighting zombies. It's about humanity and survival. It tells the story of staying strong in insanely difficult situations and how some people thrive and others break. The beginning of season 5 was incredible, and I have high expectations for the second half.


New Member
I just don't enjoy the show anymore. I was really into the first two seasons, and my attentiveness to it has slowly waned ever since. I got busy with school and fell behind in episodes, and now I catch the occasional one when my family watches it and I have just no desire to watch everything and catch up. Most of the stuff I missed has no bearing on anything thats happening now, and every episode drags its feet. Walking around in the woods and finding a house should not make up an entire episode.

I do still like the characters, but even they are starting not to interest me because its literally just the exact same situations and discussions over-and-over again. Rick giving a pep-talk about surviving and doing what they have to, struggling with his humanity in a post-apocalyptic world. He's done it so many times at this point it really just doesn't have any emotional impact on me anymore, especially when he's had episodes where he seems to have already moved past that, only to slip backwards in his character arc. Its maddening.


New Member
I enjoyed the first two seasons, but felt as if the production value went way down south following those seasons. It's just fairly uninteresting, I don't know why. The influx of new characters to whom I never really felt connected might also have something to do with it. I heard somewhere that they cut funding for the show, so maybe thats the causal effect.


New Member
Just watched the most recent episode and basically it's nothing but a filler. Krumpet said it best it's just dragging on and has been for quite some time now. I wasn't even excited for this last episode and didn't expect mcuh and still it feels like I've wasted 45mins for nothing. Maybe it'll get a bit better when they reach the next town but I really doubt it'll be worth watching.


New Member
I've been watching it. I'm really confused with it this season. I'm just really not feeling it like I was in previous seasons. It's so different now. I know they probably feel that they need to change things up a bit, and that's fine. It's just that I wish they would explain things a bit more. Like with this whole Glen situation. Is he really dead or not? I'm leaning more towards that he isn't. I could be wrong though. What do you all think about this season of The Walking Dead?
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