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PSVita US downloads on UK Vita?

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Royal Bear

New Member
Hi I don't know if this is the right place to be posting, I'm hoping to buy a UK PS Vita but there are some games that I would like to buy that are available on the US PSN but not the UK/Europe one. Is it possible to set up an account for the US PSN from the UK so I can buy these games? Many thanks.


Well-Known Member
You will be able to set up a US account on a UK Vita but you an only have one account on the Vita at a time. If you planned to have a UK/EU account it would need to be reset every time you wanted to use the other account.

Royal Bear

New Member
Hi sorry been doing some research and found out that the particular game I'm after, Silent Hill can be downloaded to a PSP which I already have. Can I buy this from the US PSN store using a PC online and then just download the game to play on my UK PSP?


Well-Known Member
No. To play it on the Vita it would need to be downloaded to your Vita (or a PS3 if applicable and transferred from there) and be from the same account.
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