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Unable to buy gold via paypal

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New Member
Hello there! I just registered on the forums just for this, so here's hoping you guys can help

So I've decided to buy some Tribes gold to give the devs some well deserved cashola (and of course unlock VIP status), but whenever I try to actually process the payment through paypal, it keeps asking for me to add a credit card (or debet card).

Since I'm just a simple uni student, I don't really have one of those. More annoyingly, I KEEP getting thrown to the cc page on paypal despite having enough money on the actual paypal account.

Am I missing something here? Is it impossible to buy Tribes gold with the money stored on the paypal account itself for some security reasons, or...?

If so, I'm getting forced to do some convoluted stuff for this tiny payment... I'm even considering looking for someone who does have a cc to log in on my account, but don't know anyone with one irl and online + trustworthiness isn't always a good assumption on the internet, sadly.

Oh well, here's to hoping there's an answer to this


Active Member
you need some form of back up set on paypal, not nessasarily credit card but a checking account<AKA debit card>. It's something they want for anything not just tribes. If i'm misreading this and tribes is asking for a credit card anyways, I'm pretty sure you can push thru that and its just poor setup that confuses.


New Member
Well, the weird thing is that I've already used paypal to top up my steam wallet. But then again, I changed bank in the meantime and never got verified. Just started the paypal verification thing on my new bank acc, hopefully this should work. Thanks!


i have a fully set up pay pal account but i could not buy gold via it either I finaly used my credit card and it worked.

To clarify i used my cc instead of paypal as it was not working.
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