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Wall Mounting
When you are wall running, pressing Right Click or Aim button will plant yourself on the wall.
On the Xbox One, this is the Left Trigger.

Note: You are not planted on the wall permanently, you have a short duration on how long you can be planted.

Hacking Enemy Spectres

Get behind or close to the enemy spectres to hack them.
On the PC its the "Use" button which is E.
On the Xbox One, its X.

Keep a Constant Flow of Motion

This game is so fast paced compared to games before it, where if you camp in a window you are probably going to die pretty fast or is just generally a bad tactic. Use the parkour system and double jump to your advantage, these added features are only for the use of Pilots thus giving you a better advantage to seeing where the enemy is and possibly finding other pilots.

Wall Running
I know it is pretty early on in the game and a lot of you know how to Wall Run, but did you know when you constantly wall run you are building up speed? The more you wall run from surface to surface will increase your speed when you take off from the wall till you land on the ground.

So for instance, if your wall running from a surface to surface and you jump to get to the ground you will get there faster if you just normally jumped off the roof.

Height Advantage

Whether your a camper or pilot running around mowing people down, it enables you to stay clear from enemy titans. Depending on if you are on a high structure and not one that is like 1 story. Also being on the roof gives you a combat advantage to those below you. In combat pilots aren't probably looking up to the roof of buildings, but are looking straight ahead. Use this to your advantage.

Jump Kick to the Face
If any of you have played Modern Warfare 2, you know what a commando lunge is. Add a few years and add crazy robot jump jets galore and the Jump Kick is the closest thing to a Commando Lunge. No matter where you kick a person, its a one hitter quitter.

Burn Cards
Use them! I can't remember how many times i asked people who i played with in beta or even in my own clan if they used them or not. These gizmos give you a tactical advantage in combat and allow you things that a normal pilot wouldn't have.

At level 7 you start earning these bad boys and you constantly keep on getting them. They are free, so don't be scared to use them.

Burn Cards reign from Unlimited Grenades to Shorter Titan Build Times and even Faster Movement Speed. All these give you a tactical advantage that you wouldn't of had if you never used them.

A Pilot and His Titan
Oh how many matches of Hard Point i have lost because players are always in their titan :(
Remember, your titan can do things him self. Whether its being commanded to hold a position to following its pilot to give him cover fire as he moves through the map. I see my self generating more experience a game utilizing my titans ai then when i am inside the titan myself.

Electric Smoke is your friend

Getting locked on by enemy rockets?
Electric Smoke is there to help

Having a noob attempting to destroy your precious Titan via Rodeo?
Electric Smoke is there to kill the lil bastard.

In a boxing match vs another titan?
Electric smoke impairs his vision and does damage over time while the enemy titan is inside the smoke.

Silence is God
When firing without a silencer, you appear as a LARGE RED CIRCLE on the mini map. This isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield where if you shoot without one, you just appear are a fading small little circle that some people don't even notice.

In Titanfall, you are a more so ever screwed if you are a camper....You know who you are!

Dealing with pesky Rodeos!

This is sort of a 50/50. Its hilarious when it does work out, its even more histarical when it works and you kill the pilot who was rodeoing you!

What do you do?

Look down when your getting rodeo'd. Just stand still and look down, easy.

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Here is another quick tip: You CAN grab the flag with a Titan and you CAN jump on a friendly Titan with the flag.

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