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Titanfall Community on mirc

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New Member
Hello everyone!

I thought i would make a post for people that need some help to get in touch with other people that want to play clanwars or just get some pickup games going and get to know other Titanfall pilots. First and best way is to get used to a program named mirc "Internet Relay Chat". You can download it by the link below.

http://www.irchelp.org/ <- If you need help with mirc

When you have downloaded and installed mirc on your pc, it's time to pick a name/nick and join a server. You can be on more than one server, but the one you wanna join for now is called Quakenet. Then you wanna connect to the server, when you are connected to quakenet you will be able to join diffrent #channels. I will list some under, if anyone know of more please add.

The command to join a server is /join or /j and then #channelname
" /j #Titanfall.pickup "

#Titanfall - On quakenet
#Titanfall.pickup - EU
#Titanfall.pug - NA
#Titanfall.wars - Pcw
#aaa.titanfall - Clan
#penta - Clan

#Titanfall - On GameSurge

Don't be afraid to ask if there is something you need help with regarding the above topics.

Hope i see you all soon!

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