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Thoughts on Campaign?

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Hey guys with out giving to much away how did you guys think the campaign was?
I Really loved it, The cut scene were crazy good looking, and The story line was pretty good. A few holes but over all one of the better campaign they made.  So far I'm not disappointed with this game. Currently I've been on a mutiplayer kick.


Hadn't gotten a chance to play it. I can't afford the price tag on the game for the moment.

From what I have seen of the game though it looks well done and interesting. I May end up getting it but for right now I just have to watch everyone else play it. :p


New Member
When I finished Advanced Warfare I was overall pleased, but I strongly disliked the ending because of how it forced you to kill Irons. It was like the "let go of Rorke" scene from Ghosts, but much, much worse. The game's would have been much better, IMO, if it had at least allowed you to save Irons, even if it didn't have a Black Ops II-grade branching storyline. Repaying Irons for his decision to not shoot you would have helped make the story feel less railroaded.

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