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The PSN ID Sharing Thread

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Dark_AnNiaLatOr - Closer to the launch of the Vita we should make a nice neat list that contains the PSN ID of anyone who is planning on getting the Vita.


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samsplace, my ethernet cable has broken so I cannot log in until I blow another £15 on a new one... but ad me in case ;)


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He guys, anyone in for sharing PSN names so whe can start playing online together, would be a great addition to this site to make a Vitaforum clan or something.
Well at least my PSN is LuukvanRiel (just plain and simple :D)
So anyone in, oh and i hope annoying spammers or trolls think twice before annoying me :mad:

Added by Chris:
To add your PSN ID under your avatar, go to http://psvitaforum.com/account/contact-details, scroll down to Identities and enter your name in the one titled PSN.


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My name is moh2336, but i don't have ps3 and my psp is broken , but you could add me.


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samsplace, but my pets chewed the internet cable so I won't be able to use PSN until I get a new one.


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MadYakker is my PSN handle. I'm not online with the PS3 right now (had an original system that died on me last month so it needs to be replaced) but feel free to add me.

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