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The Power Of 20mins Morning Workout!

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New Member
Hi all,

Just sharing this for anyone who wants a healthier body :D



New Member
Fear said:
Morning workouts are great.  I have a gym in my apartment building and I go there At least 3 times a week.
Ya, it feels good to workout in the morning. Atm i am doing it daily by spending about 20-30mins.


New Member
I try to get in 15-30 min. at least 6x a wk. for exercising. I watch television and jog in place etc. Then in no time passes and you've done your exercising for the day. Sometimes I break the time up into 5-10 min, intervals and it makes it easier to do exercising.


New Member
That sounds like a great idea. I would like to start getting up earlier and doing workouts. I have definitely been slacking on exercise.

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