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The Official FMA Anime/Manga Thread

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Since I have seen all of FMA and read into the manga as far as anyone in Japan has, I am creating the FMA thread. Each time a new episode is shown on Adult Swim, or a new chapter is premiered in Shonen Jump Magazine in Japan (I have a link to the translated version, I will create a review for them. If you do not like spoilers I will put a warning at the top of each review alarming you of incoming spoilers.


I'll start with the last new anime episode (I forgot the name and episode number :( )

In this episode the homonculi Envy has gotten Wrath to regain his abilities as a homonculi. Izumi knows what Wrath is, and takes him back to the island of his birth to kill him. She is unable to kill him both emotionally and physically. Ed and Al learn from Winry that Izumi had attempted a human transmutation, as Ed had ecpected (she lost her reproductive organs like Ed lost his limbs, thats why she coughs up blood). Ed and Al rush to the island to find Wrath with her. He explains his creation behind the door to the truth. Now everyone should know the process of creating a homonculi (in the anime anyway). They are created by human transmutations, and come back as whatever the person was trying to bring back. Here is a list of the homonculi that have been revieled so far:

Lust--created by scar's brother in an attempt to revive his wife who had died during the Ishbal Massacre.

Gluttony--(not revieled yet, but I know) Gluttony was created in an attempt to create an artificial door to the truth.

Envy(<3)--Envy was created by Ed and Al's father before there birth. He was engaged to a woman named Dante and their child died. Dante brought Envy back agains't their father's wishes and he left them wishing death upon Envy, hence why Envy hates Ed.

Pride--Pride is actually King Bradley of the military. He was simply made by Dante as a force to control the military with, he is an actual AGING homonculi.

Sloth--Sloth is Bradley's secretary (remember in Fullmetal Vs. Flame Ed stared at the secretary for some reason). She looks identicle to Ed and Al's mother because she was what was created from the Elric's attempt at human transmutation.

Greed--They never specify the creation of Greed either, but from playing the first FMA game I'm pretty sure that Greed was created by Greta/Camilla.

Wrath--Wrath was created by Izumi in an attempt to revive her dead child.

In case you haven't noticed, they are named from the seven deadly sins of the Catholic religion. (back to the episode): The next scene is Greed with Kimbley the mad bomber and some people who have been transmuted with animals. Greed hears Envy and they begin a small fight as Sloth glides across the ocean and emerged beside them. Greed has been away for a while, and thus has not met Lust, Wrath, or Sloth (youngest 3 of all the homonculi) and has his introduction with Sloth. I liked this episode a lot because it got more in depth with the homonculi.

~~LATEST MANGA CHAPTER~~: Chapter 52--Manga volume 8,9, or 10.
Japanese premier: October 2nd 2005

This chapter was simply AWESOME! In the last chapter Ed and Ling were swallowed by Gluttony's ultimate attack and are now in the endless void of his stomach, the artificial door to truth. Envy in an attempt to save Ed (he is needed for the sacrifice) is swallowed as well. Envy turns into his ultimate form and starts attacking Ed and Ling from within Gluttony and no hope is in sight since Ed refuses to attack Envy's form because there are actual humans who have been killed hanging from the sides of his body screaming for help. On the outside Gluttony is scared that "father" will be angry with him for swallowing Ed and Envy. Al orders Gluttony to take him to "father" and their journey begins. Meanwhile Roy is confronting Bardley with the fact that he is a homonculi and Bradley talks about how annoyed he was by Heughs' daughter crying at the funeral. Outside, Feury aproaches Winry with bad news. All the main military characters have been given new placements, and Riza's is the worst...to stay at central...as a PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO BRADLEY, and yes, Bradley knows that Riza knows he is a homonculi. Back to our short protagonist Edward. He is beaten around by Envy who then SWALLOWS him. Inside Envy Ed is barely conscious and sees Envy's philospher stone (it keeps Envy alive) but he cannot reach it. Ed suddenly remembers that he saw an odd stone with a circle on it elsewhere in Gluttony that he also saw in Xing, he breaks out of Envy's mouth and tries to convince the beast to form an alliance to get out of Gluttony.

Current Anime Cliffhanger: What will happen between Ed and Wrath? Will a fight ensue? Will all the homonculi gather to reveal their plot?

Current Manga Cliffhanger: Will Envy work together with Ling and Ed? What will Al's reaction be when he sees his father is behind the homonculi? Will Scar successfully make it to Hohemheim's lair behind Al and Gluttony? What will happen to Roy, who is trapped in a room with Wrath? What will happen to Riza who is now Wrath's personal assistant?

Anime Ep. Rating: 10/10
Manga Chp. Rating: 8/10


Unfortunately, I missed the last new episode; but I've watched them all up until that particular one. I have yet to read the manga though. What's the difference between the manga and the anime?
William said:
Unfortunately, I missed the last new episode; but I've watched them all up until that particular one. I have yet to read the manga though. What's the difference between the manga and the anime?

The entire creation of the homonculi differs between the anime and the manga, as do most of their appearances. Also the anime has some extra stuff added in, and some stuff taken out. For instance, in the manga Barry the chopper is never shown in his human body, and last for a LONG time as the armor and is somewhat good, but in the anime he is shown as a human, never goes good, and doesn't last long at all. Also Tucker dies and doesn't come back in the manga, but he does in the anime. Since they haven't gotten far into the anime yet I don't want to give THAT many spoilers but just take my word for it that there are SEVERAL differences, overall I like the manga a lot more.

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