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TellTale's The Walking Dead Series

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Gaming illumiNaughty
Random Warning: There will be spoilers

Alright so I just finished both Walking Dead games for the 8th time, this time on Xbox One. My choices coming at the end of Season Two were:

1) Let Kenny kill Jane.
2) Go to Wellington with Kenny
3) Leave Wellington with Kenny

I know, Kenny is becoming like Carver, but Kenny is my boy! I'm just hoping they don't pull some bullshit like they did at the start of Season 2 and kill him off like they did with Omid. I specifically went with Kenny because I want to see his progression into Carver and see if I can shape Clem into the Governor along the way. I'm also wondering what happened to Christa and how they're going to tie her into the story as she literally runs off screen and isn't seen again. It'll also be interesting to see if Bonnie, Mike, and Arvo pop back up. I liked Bonnie till she sort of hinted at being a lesbian feminist. I liked Mike till he tried to come between me and my boy Kenny. I was constantly looking for the option to shoot Arvo and then he shot me! Aint that a bitch... They've left Season 2 so wide open with 5 different endings, spanning over 3 different locations and as anyone who has played the game knows, the developers only give you the illusion of choice. Thus no matter what you picked, they'll find a way to tie it all in. However, I hope they let my decisions with Clem stick. What I mean by that is, in Season One, I was blunt when telling her we couldn't look for her parents. I killed both the cannibal farmers in front of her, and I had her put Lee down. In Season Two she straight up murdered that dog, she watched Kenny smash Carvers face in and even watched his eye pop out. I've pretty much turned her into a heartless killer and I demand the game reflect the way I've raised her. I done raised her right, as my boy Kenny would say.

Anyhow, I'm giddy about Season 3. I need it like now!

Edit: I also forgot to mention, the achievement relating to Wellington is We Slowly Drove, with the description of "Reached Terminus". In the comics and in the television show, Terminus is a community of cannibals. Thus I wonder what impact staying there / leaving has. Its a pretty big hint that Wellington is not a good place.


Gaming illumiNaughty
They're really fun games. They caused me to try other games from Telltale and Skybound. None of which were as enjoyable. Maybe its just because I have such a vested interest in the Walking Dead.
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