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SOTW: Hall of Fame

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Hello all,

I have made this thread as a way to remember and pay tribute to all of the previous winners of the SOTW contests! The thread will feature the winner of each week as well as giving us all a look back to the amazing work that they have all created in the past! Congratulations to all the previous winners of SOTW!

SOTW Hall of Famers:

Week 1's winner was Empire with an Iron Man signature:

Week 2's winner was MaCc with a CoD signature:

Week 3's winner was MaCc with a Battlefield 3 signature:

Week 4's winner was MaCc with a Graffiti signature:

Week 5's winner was MaCc with a Freestyle signature:

Week 6's winner was MaCc with a Sports signature:


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Wow MaCc that is quite the winning streak you have there. My favorite is the fifth one. Good job :D
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