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PSVita so when is shahids announcement coming?

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Well-Known Member
you know...that HUGE 3rd Party Game that is not a port? what happened to that?

Did he say it wasn't a port? I remember him saying that it was HUGE, and that it wasn't indie. I thought Borderlands 2 was the game he was talking about.

Blue Flare

Well-Known Member
Did he say it wasn't a port? I remember him saying that it was HUGE, and that it wasn't indie. I thought Borderlands 2 was the game he was talking about.
He said it wasn't a port. Actually, we may never know what his announcement is.


Well-Known Member
I hope he wasnt full of shit, apparently hes big time now, he had this GREAT SHOWING at a Eurogamer event over in England, everyone said he hit his presentation out of the ball park, lol..people complimenting him all day on twitter..


Well-Known Member
Did he say it wasn't a port? I remember him saying that it was HUGE, and that it wasn't indie. I thought Borderlands 2 was the game he was talking about.

Yeah--not a port, third party. But that's really all we know. Though "not a port" does not mean "Vita-exclusive". It could well be a cross-platform title.


Well-Known Member
Exclusive, third-party, non-port, non-indie game is what he said.

I think he might have been talking about Football Manager, as it's technically not a port and some of the people behind the game retweeted Shahid's tweet back when Football Manager was announced. Remember, it's a game you were supposed to sink dozens and dozens of hours into, so that fits too.


Well-Known Member
He never said exclusive.
Surely he wouldn't say "All I said is 'not a port' guys, this is different... it's a multiplatform game."

If it's not a port I take that as meaning it's an exclusive, because in that case the Vita has already had big third-party titles that would get people hooked for hours a day. I wouldn't go "yeah it could be Rayman Legends" just because it's technically multiplatform and not a port...


Mod Of Steel
Multiplatform is certainly not the same as port. The great thing about multiplats is that it lets you choose what platform you prefer for a game.

From a gamer's perspective exclusivity is often a really bad thing, that's only good for bragging rights in fanboy arguments.


Mod Of Steel
As far as I know Shahid is managing the indie end of the games spectrum for Playstation. When this big game is going to be announced, he will not be the one doing it.

Also, I believe he was genuinely excited about this big game, since non-indies are not even part of his responsibilities.


Well-Known Member
So pretty much there should only be one platform then? That way every one gets to play all the same games on the platform they own, and after all, competition is so bad for creativity right?


Well-Known Member
I wish we had more huge games coming out for holiday season, right now we just have tearaway and batman pretty much(i dont expect either of these games to sell that well)
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