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PSVita Skype premium questions.

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Well-Known Member
Do I have to have a 3g model to be able to use Skype premium to make calls anywhere I go, or do I have to pay the 00.14 a minute to be able to use Boingo, Skypes hotspot connection.


Well-Known Member
You have to have 3G to make calls ANYWHERE. I dont really know much about the Skype premium but I'm guessing its the sane as the pc version.


Well-Known Member
You have to have 3G to make calls ANYWHERE. I dont really know much about the Skype premium but I'm guessing its the sane as the pc version.

It's $4.99, but if I have to buy a 3rd Vita pay AT&T plus Skype then forget it. I'll stick with my phone I guess, lol.


Well-Known Member
what does skype premium get? you get a phone number?

I used to paid skype to get phone number, and I choose to get japanese phone number so that my family and friends can call me as local phone number... but they never really take advantage of that, so I never renew it.. :p
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