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Site Updates 30/11/2011

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Hello. As you all know when I upgraded I said there were going to be ten stages I will be working on after upgrading to vBulletin 4. The stage I am currently on is stage 8/10.

Here is a list of some of the recent site updates that I have been working on.

New Server
Since we upgraded to vBulletin 4 I decided to change to a new server which we have already done. It is four times faster. It is an amazing dedicated server. It is an Intel Xeon Quad Core dedicated server. I also bought us a 1Gb/s port with it. Our old servers port was only 100Mb/s, so the 1Gb/s will mean our site will be ten times harder to D(DoS). D(DoS) will still occur, unless you are paying thousands of dollars, not much you can do but try your best to stop it.

New Themes
You may have noticed we have new themes. We currently have "Genetic Hax 1" and "Genetic Hax 2". I will be adding many more new themes to the site very soon. The current two themes are still being worked on.

vBplaza is officially up and running. I started working on it last night, I spent hours setting it up myself without help properly. I finally finished it. It is another great fun feature that has been put on the site.

vBookie is a betting modification for those of you who do not know what it is. It will be running along side vBplaza. You can use this modification to bet your vBux points and you can win more or lose them. It is a great fun feature and I am glad that it has finally arrived. I have just finished setting up vBplaza today so it should be up really soon.

Post Thanks Reputation
This is the reputation system that we use. If you look under someones post you will see a "Thanks" button. If you click on it, it will add reputation points to that user.

Auto Youtube Link Parser
Replaces youtube-links in post text with embedded version of the video link. (Added by Google)

Guest Warn
What this does is it adds an elegant warning for the guests of the forum. It shows up if you are not logged in or registered. It should help us to gain some extra members. (Added by Google)

Inferno Shout Box Pro
The shout box is a nice place to come and have small talk. You can find this on the main index page.

Limited Guest Viewing
This limits guests to view a set number of threads before being locked out and having to register before they can view more threads instead of users coming on the site, viewing the threads then going off.

Member Profile Reputation Display
This display a members reputation comments in their profile.
(Added by Google)

Members Who Have Visited
In the footer it will show a list of all the users who have visited in the past twenty-four hours.
(Added by Google)

Notifications For Reputation
If someone gives you reputation, you will be notified about it. (Added by Google)

Auto Image Re-Sizer
Recently there has been a lot of images going off pages. So I have installed this modification to prevent that from happening. I have set a maximum size the images can be. If anything is over that size, it will be changed to a regular size. (Added by Google)

Real IP Detection
People have been using proxy servers to access the site, but what this does is even if they are using a proxy server, this will allow us to get their real IP address.
(Added by Google)

Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
This simply does what it says. It separates the sticked threads and the normal threads so it looks much nicer and cleaner. (Added by Google)

Usergroup Legend Bar
In the footer it will show a list of all the user groups and their colors so you can know what usergroup users are in.

This is an amazing $230 modification. What this does is improves our search engine rank. If someone searches up different keywords such as "gaming" "call of duty" "community" it should bring us higher up so we will be easier to find. Overall it should increase our traffic.

Moderating Stats
This is something for me to judge how well the staff are doing and allows me to check if they are doing their job correctly. If they are not moderating or have taken a break we will easily find out. It also allows us to see if they deserve a promotion or not. (Added by Google)

Sub Forum Manager
This makes the site sub forums look more organized. It makes the forums look much neater and cleaner. (Added by Google)

This is only stages eight out of ten, there are still many updates coming.



Well-Known Member
We need an AE Detector :yuno:

Anyways nice thread bro :y: hope to see more updates soon


You sir, are a legend, you have been working your butt off and most people here don't seem to appreciate it, you deserve a medal or something haha!


<b><span style='color: white; text-shadow: 0px 0px
Nice nick, and google, the site.is neck oming way better then it was before :)


Well-Known Member
Nick, I have been with GH since the beginning, and this is just beginning for you. This site is at its prime right now and getting better! Keep it up bro :y:
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