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Selling Two PS Vitas (white & black) + memory chips, 4 games, card case, & shell case

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Hi guys,

I know my account is new and that can make people uneasy, but I will more than happily provide any additional photos or answer any questions if that will help.

I am selling these as I just no longer play anymore.

I originally paid over $600 for what is included, but know that I won't be getting that much in return. I am looking for $400 or best offer.
I am HIGHLY motivated to sell.

USB charging cable is included but not pictured.

Included in this listing are not one, but TWO Playstation Vita consoles, both the OLED version, one black and one white.

The black console is the 3g/WiFi system with the original sim card included. PCH-1101.

The white console is the WiFi only version from the Assassin's Creed bundle. PCH-1001.

Black console:
Adult owned and barely used, and has been unused for the past 3 years except maybe once or twice. Functions fine, has some minimal cosmetic wear. I have tried to include a photo of the worst of it. The console has a screen protector on it as well as a quality carbon fiber textured skin from iCarbons. This is the 3g/WiFi version. There is the original sim card in the slot on the left side of the device.

White console:
In fantastic condition as well and works fine. I bought this one secondhand, but I never had any issue with it functionally. The only cosmetic flaws I could find are one very tiny scratch on the bevel (I tried to include a photo of it, the scratch is very small), and a little wear on the right analog stick (also pictured). This system also has a screen protector on it as well as a quality carbon fiber textured skin from iCarbons. This is the WiFi only version from the Assassin's Creed bundle.

Also included with the consoles are:
4 games, two 4gb memory cards, a clear plastic console shell, and a grey plastic card case for holding game chips. The card case and shell have scuffs and scratches on them, but they are still functional. As stated, a USB charging cable is included but not pictured. If you would like a photo of it I am happy to oblige!

The games included are as follows:
Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified
Mortal Kombat
Supremacy MMA Unrestricted

Total tally of items:
2 Playstation Vita Consoles
2 4gb Memory Cards
4 Games
Original PS Vita SIM Card
Plastic Card Case
Clear Plastic Console Shell
Both Consoles have screen protectors and quality Skins on them.

We do not smoke.
I will be shipping through USPS or UPS, depending on which is more cost effective. PayPal for payment is fine by me.

If you would like to ask any questions, please reach out :).

2016-07-08 12.37.04.jpg View attachment 7436 2016-05-30 19.18.55.jpg 2016-05-30 19.29.40.jpg 2016-05-24 18.49.58.jpg 2016-05-30 19.19.11.jpg 2016-05-30 19.19.59.jpg 2016-07-08 12.46.11.jpg
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