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****Scapes :fa:

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ℱuckScapes :fa:

****Scapes are basically nice happy peaceful images that are ruined by weird/inappropriate text :p They are pretty funny and Well my Windows 7 computer has a theme that has a slideshow background of a few that fit my screen res. So i took my little folder of 19 and decided to share my finds :3.

If not to use as backgrounds they are still funny pictures and i wasnt about to post them in the thread 1 by 1 xD

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?p5b7duk0x61jhn8

Virus scan: (never had to post one but heres a screenshot xD, Not sure how to share those results) http://d.pr/i/qtWs

Walter White

fuk u m8 <img src='http://goo.gl/pYiqP'>
Seems a pretty useless program, I prefer clean backgrounds that look professional not with text all over it.

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