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Carlo Marx

Sunflower Sutra
Huh? I just fused them and shipped them to my little sup section left over by the Pres race, if we can keep the sub section, it would be coo if it was renamed Ghetto funk if possible, but if not, I am glad to have gotten the changes that he have got so far.

Captain Morgan

hates YOU!
Yeah, the subsection can stay for now. If it get's too inactive in there though, I may have to archive it after a while though.

Nothing would be deleted either way however.

Rainbow Deluxe

Duchess of All Things Pretty and Music
Proposed apartment name: Video Rama
Proposed description: An apartment for mainly youtube videos
Proposed moderators: Me
Proposed topic of discussion/additional notes: Anything really. I do request that the threads are automatically in alphabetical order, and stay that way.


New Member
Proposed apartment name: Biting Annotation

Proposed description: You know what really . . . breaks my teeth?

Proposed moderators: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Proposed topic of discussion/additional notes: This apartment is for giving my once-daily commentary on random events that happen in life or just anything else I feel like prattling on about.

Also, my wishes are just for staff here and later not to meddle with my threads, given that there isn't a reason for it and I'm not breaking rules - whatever those may be in the forthcoming days.


Whats crazy is the last post in this thread before yours was 3 years ago lol.. About time we revived it..


Sacrifice Theory
Oh haaaaaaaiiiii! Could I have Stephy's Knitting and Crochet Services made an apartment? It would be easier to keep track of requests, and also I could post a basic price list. Pretty please with cream, sugar, and a cherry on top? <3
Not open for further replies.
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