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What If…

Time goes by slowly and methodically
taunting me with possibilities, things which could be,
but probably will not.
Life gives little relief to the aching
in my soul.
It showers me with "could've beens" and threatens me with "what ifs."
The vacuity once known as my heart
echos with cries of grief.
Yet there is one,
who can end the grief and bring back the smiles.
But will that one show?
Again..."what if?"

Life Becomes

It takes some time, but when you heal you see

the possibilities which lie ahead. You see the door open
in front of you, instead of the door closed behind.
You see all of the experiences and places you have yet to enjoy.
You see the many loves to come instead of those gone by,
and all of the friendships waiting to be established
instead of those crushed in the past.
Life becomes a luxury not a burden,
and is full of meaning instead of pain.
Days seem brighter with more serenity, not grim and heavy with
grief and disappointment.
People seem nicer and tasks seem easier.
You gain knowledge and maturity as you change.
You begin to look at mistakes not as failures
but as learning experiences.
You become more cautious of others
and more aware of yourself with every new day.

Trapped Within

I do not express my anger
I prefer to be at peace
I go away from present danger
and my problems begin to cease
But I grieve, for it cannot last
My anger refuses to be ignored
Painful memories from the past
Have become a ruler and a lord
They rule over my mind with brute force
I cannot help but to cry
Of actions they cause I have much remorse
Because of these crimes, I deserve to die
Anger trapped within
has become my torture, my sorrow, my sin

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