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PSVita Question on The Walking Dead S02

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Stray Feral

Active Member
This is a question for the people who already got Season 2:

- How does the game appear on the Vita? I mean I already have installed Season 1, will S02 appear as a separate bubble or will it appear as new episodes when launching the S01 launcher or what?

I noticed few things in the store:

- the S02 game
- two S02 add-ons, one of which with the size of full episode, one was however some 100 and something megabites. wondered what are these...



Well-Known Member
It appears as a new bubble for season 2 you can buy the episodes separate or buy a season pass so u can download the new episodes when they are released saves you £4


New Member
Hi guys. I actually have a similar question!

If I buy the season pass for Season 2, will it appear as a single bubble on my Vita home screen from which I can launch all current and future Season 2 episodes, or will each episode receive its own bubble? I own Season 1 in its completed form with 400 Days, so it's a single bubble...

Also, how is this running on Vita? The first game had some slowdown and jitter. I didn't mind it too much, but it was a bummer when slowdown would indicate a coming action sequence. Did Season 2 improve or stay the same?

Thanks! :)


Well-Known Member
they will appear as one bubble for all the episodes and the game does jump about but not as much as the first one


Active Member
I beat season 1 on vita loved it to death. Gonna follow up with season 2 on vita aswell. Those games just go well with the Vita!


Well-Known Member
yeah i waited for the vita version aswell they need to hurry up and release the rest of the episodes the first two didn't last long enough lol


Active Member
yeah i waited for the vita version aswell they need to hurry up and release the rest of the episodes the first two didn't last long enough lol
I think i wanna wait til they do what they did with season 1 on vita and release a physical copy with all season 2 episodes and any bonuses .
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