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--- Leaders Among Leaders ---

"A versatile gaming community database designed by you for you."




- [DON'T MISS OUT!] BANE is undergoing the process of preparing for a community expansion that will be based on one - two additional multiplayer video game titles aside from Battlefield 4 and 1, so stay tuned. Such titles include the possibility of:
- Grand Theft Auto 5: Online
- For Honor
- Red Dead Redemption 2
- Elite: Dangerous
- Destiny 2
- Star Citizen
- Star Wars: Battlefront 2

- BANE's second roster is now operational! Trust us, we will always have a position open for everyone desiring to hold membership within our gaming community! Submit your application today!
- SECOND ROSTER: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/574522879521499534/

- BANE's P.S.3 Division is still actively recruiting, so ensure that you submit your membership application today!

- BANE is in the process of filling four of our P.S.3 Official positions, so if you believe that you have what it takes, then apply for our gaming community today!

- BANE will be establishing a merchandise line which will be only available to our members, so don't miss out on our progression. We will ensure that every member is properly accommodated in a personalized manner.

- BANE is recruiting for our P.S.4 Competitive League! Submit your membership application today, and we'll get you started immediately!

- BANE Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BaneoftheImmoral/

- BANE YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC85kKnZ8BZiZsZ17NPpK8nw

- BANE Website (P.S.4): (Transitioning / Underconstruction)

- BANE Discord Server: Alternatively, any potential recruits are encouraged to apply for BANE via our community server: https://discord.gg/2bzcQFv

- BANE is now considered a large operational gaming community, but don't let such steer you toward concern for BANE always ensures that every member is never left unattended by means of expectation, preference, and desire. Do bear in mind, BANE will always keep the window of opportunity open for the sake of all members, but each individual member must possess the means of seizing such opportunity for themselves. We encourage our members to obtain a voice and spotlight of unique / diverse individuality amongst their fellow clanmates, so take the advantage and guide us to a successful future as one -- a difference among none. Just because we're a large gaming community doesn't mean that we have a higher probability of being incapable of involving EVERY MEMBER. Each member is an essential asset to our core, to our team, and to our future as a gaming community.

- BANE is in-search of potential recruits desiring to expand their experience / knowledge within that of a leadership role (core maintenance official that oversees operations and production regarding the progress of the members and community as a whole) to ensure successful progression.

- BANE has recently incorporated core reform, and we are no longer classified as a: Platoon / Clan. BANE is now the first gaming community to be known as a: Gaming Community Database where likeminded gamers have the ability to join a singular community for easier means of connecting with fellow gamers to participate in:
- one-on-one social interaction
- scheduling gaming sessions / specific events
- social media / viral video streaming
- anything else that would prove beneficial to ones' gaming experience

It's evident that most gamers nowadays yearn for a gaming community that incorporates all aspects to that of a 'clan', but don't possess any desire to abide by a basic 'clan' construct. So, BANE has implemented a way for gamers to connect and play on an easier and more convenient scale without CONTROL or RULES. Every BANE member has the means to do as they please when they please within the bounds of RESPECT and COMMON COURTESY.

- United States

- PlayStation 3
- PlayStation 4

- Battlefield 4
- Battlefield 1

- Four years

- 197 (Presently)


"Bane is a gaming community database that strives to better its members to that of its members bettering it. We have obtained our reputation because, we are truly the difference within the gaming community, and when being structurally compared to the competition -- our members are the ones who form our gaming community database to that of the majority's liking."

"We bear no leader(s) of any hierarchical ranking system for we are leaders among leaders: a self-governing, self-independant, and self-sustaining gaming community database. Each member is in charge of their entirety and that of the production of BANE alone. BANE follows and abides by its members for the better, and that's why our gaming community database is so uniquely versatile."

- BANE is a quality over quantity, tactically based, family oriented gaming community database that was assembled to serve its members by providing a gaming ambience of happy-go-lucky fun. We are a mid-core (gamers who are classified in-between both casual / hardcore categories) gaming community that operates freely / flexibly concerning our members 'real life' schedules. We are fully aware and considerate towards the verifiable truth that our members aren't conveniently available at certain time frames -- BANE is on our members' time and we will never burden with that of a strict account activity requirement.

When our members have the time to play alongside us we'll always have the time to indulge such at all costs. What truly separates our gaming community database from the competition is that BANE operates in a versatile manner -- our members govern over their entirety alone. We bear no ranks of authority -- strictly free-ranged independency within that of a bound and member sustaining community (compare such structure to that of a realistic family).

- BANE firmly believes that each of our member's skillset, talent, and full potential as a gamer should be fully uprooted and utilized on the battlefield at all times, and such will always be encouraged during challenging opportunities like that of platoon wars. This process will allow each member to undergo self-growth and self-discovery while a sense of skill expansion begins. In turn, the player finds adequate means to ground, and harness -- adaption, and a comfort level settles and forms. This process then provides BANE with sustenance -- strength, and stability for a successful standing and that of a future.

- Equality
- Leadership
- Respect
- Dedication
- Self-Improvement
- Self-Discipline
- Self-Respect
- Integrity
- Idealism
- Courage
- Honesty
- Unselfishness​

"I am fully confident in myself when I say that BANE will positively enhance your gaming experience on Battlefield 4/1 on numerous levels. What do you have to lose? Give us a shot...literally. We will not fail your set expectations for a gaming community."

- If you're a B.F.4/1 player who is currently gaming solo-based, we highly recommend that you apply for our gaming community database. We bear no restrictions of any type. BANE is ideal for those players who don't prefer:
- An overzealous gaming community
- Absurd applicant requirements
- Gaming community inactivity
- Playing solo-based
- A gaming community encircled by drama
- A gaming community that partakes / affiliates with cheaters of all types
- A gaming community that doesn't participate in platoon wars or other competitive gaming activities
- Playing alongside random 'Blueberries' (inexperienced B.F.4/1 players)
- Playing alongside B.F.4/1 players who fail to play the f*cking objectives (P.T.F.O.) and to play strategically / methodically

BANE is ONLY in-search of B.F.4/1 players who yearn to simply have FUN and strive to WIN by doing so. We are an easygoing group of gamers who are drained of wasting our time with poorly assembled 'platoons' that fail to serve its members first. Isn't it about time that a gaming community accommodated and served your needs / desires while providing you with a voice of purpose as a member?

- No cheating of any form.
- Applicants must be willing to apply BANE as their primary 'platoon' tag when partaking in BANE gaming activities.
- Applicants must be willing to send / accept Battlelog and P.S.N. friend requests to / from every available BANE member within the gaming community database.

- P.S.N. Account Name: KHELSON-WOLFE (Founder) / OJP1996 (Second Founder)
- BANE Battlelog Gaming Community Page URL:
[FIRST ROSTER] - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/4773752801519742541/
[SECOND ROSTER] - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/574522879521499534/
- P.S.N. Community Name: Bane of the Immoral


Signed Respectfully,
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