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[PS Vita] Child of Light

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I'm not much of a reviewer, but when a game stands out to me, I feel I should say something about it. Child of Light was on my wish list for a long time, and when I found out we were getting a physical copy in the states, I bought it asap. For under $20, you can't go wrong. I don't really get too detailed on my reviews, rather like to give an overview on what I can remember!

The graphics/art is simply beautiful. I'm not one for graphics, but I love the design in this game. While I will admit they won't blast out and impress everyone, you have to take a step back and just enjoy the beauty of the game.

I enjoyed the music, though I can't say I was humming along with the tunes. There are a few that simply stood out to me, while the rest, though enjoyable, I forgot rather quickly.

I read more than once how this game simply wasn't long enough. Maybe I missed something, but the game felt just right to me. I don't feel it was too short, nor do I feel like I grinded for 80+ hours just to get to the end. There were a lot of hidden items around, and a few side quests that I took the challenge to find/do.

The battle system was fun, but it irritated me at times. There is a bar at the bottom, showing where your characters are as well as the enemies. This is the turn order, though it can be manipulated. At the end is a small red bar, that can either screw you over or save the day. Basically, if an enemy is in the red bar and you hit them while they await their turn in this area, you can interrupt them and make them wait longer to attack/defend/etc. If all the enemies are in this area, and you hit them all, then they're bounced back on the bar, and wait longer.

This goes for you as well, and I can't tell you how many times I kept losing my turns simply cause the enemies always hit my character that was ready to attack. It got annoying, and quick. Thankfully some of the attacks are shorter than others, so if you have someone in your party with a quick attack, you can get back on your feet.

Also you can slow down one enemy at a time. Take your ball of light, light it up on them, and they'll cover their face, slowing down their progress. This can save your hide, but watch out as you have a limited use on this. The bar will refill over time, or you can swipe these purple looking flowers during battle to refill your bar (and gain some HP/MP back too).

You only have 2 characters at a time fighting, but can swap out party members when someone is ready to 'act' (cast spells, attack, defend, etc). The characters were fun and each had their own story that I actually got in to. As far as fighting, however, there were certain characters I hardly used.

You can earn skill points to put towards skills, and later in the game, can unlock more skills to power up your characters. And thankfully, EVERYONE in your party gains experience, whether you used them or not. Otherwise, I would have a lot of low level characters!

You don't buy weapons, armor or items. You can find items, such as potions, oculi, or stardust. I never used the potions to be honest. Oculi can add different attributes, depending on where you place them on your character. You can also join them together to create new oculi. The stardust can add +random number to certain stats for any character.

There's a lot more to this game, but I don't want to get too in depth on everything. Simply put the game is amazing and very enjoyable. If you own a Vita, got $20 to spend, then def pick this game up. And if you don't like it, sorry! I would suggest looking at a few videos to get more of an idea of what this game is about!


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Played a couple times and fight sequences seem to take forever, plus i saw tons of hidden gems, but could find no way to get them??


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You can move your little light around, lighting hidden areas. You can also move it to chests and other items to collect. This is the only way to collect certain items.

You just need to practice on the fights to get a feel for them. Once you do then you are good to go.

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