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Ode to the seas

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Lord Saru

New Member
Then again, there is beauty of these seas. It serves as a reminder that in silence, there is fear and retribution. That in calmness, there is remorse and rebuke. And in serenity, there is pain and choas.

These waves beat on the shore to remind us that we all will break at a lone moment in life only to dissolve into the abyss beneath. That our lives are nothing but the sea drops, sour and yet with exhilarating beauty and we all are bound to return, to reborn, to refuse and yet, to relive.

We will meet and maybe touch the hearts of a lot of people on our way to this destiny but it is always true that not now, not today, maybe not tommorrow, but somewhere and sometime, it is worth reaching there.

I wrote this when I was in my high school. Now, this doesnt make any sense at alk.
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