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Microsoft new viral site for Titanfall

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Microsoft have updated their Xbox one TV advert with snippets of binary code which gives you this site

Users on Neogaf have figured there might be a fourth titan but it's hidden and needs to be deciphered , but there could be more,we need some of you detectives to get to work :)

For the full story head over to

These are the links from the site

If you notice on the pinterest link we have a picture that says angel city with the following code:


After you find all the pics you get this ^^^^ and the code translates to O_N_E_T_I_M_E_P_A_D which is a form of encryption


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@Curlychew haha the pic is from neogaf after a few users trolled through every file.I only found 4 of the pics myself so far.Rumour: there's are prizes linked to this finding what's hidden


Avenger Class Titan
Damn, I hate these viral ads. Usually ends up being a really anti-climax when all of the clues are pieced together.


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All around Titan
High damage titan
High speed titan

...stealth titan...?

Interesting... the translation of the file name as mentioned above is "One Time Pad C"

One time pad is a type of encryption

and it works by subtracting a key from a message (numerical values)

the container in bin four reads "Minus ZRNOKTULBZWJYD", which could mean this is the key for the one time pad cipher. But where's the message. The hammond site is the only one i can access at work.

There will be 182 physical prize(s) in total. There is a maximum of one prize for each consumer journey path per person. There are four prize pools as follows:

  • Xbox console bundle. There are two prizes in this pool.

  • 1 x Xbox console bundle, 14 x Xbox items.

  • Digitally signed artworks (unlimited), 100 x signed comics, 16 x Xbox items

  • 48 x game artworks, 10,000 codes for in game extras.


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i'm lost, i did the one time pad cipher and got a passcode but it does not work. We're missing something here.

I think its for UK users only. lol i tried, sorry guys.


Active Member
i'm lost, i did the one time pad cipher and got a passcode but it does not work. We're missing something here.

I think its for UK users only. lol i tried, sorry guys.
Argh!!! Talk about the love shown to the UK bruthas and sistahs!:)
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Seriously they give us literally no info on the PC version and then they throw this at us. Give us something solid please.

Is this legit?
Yes bud I'm not sure if you need 4 different passcodes for the sites

Not sure which link that's for but the first link pass code is standby4titanfall


Well-Known Member
It's been all over twitter for the past 8 hours I'm sure someone would of seen it from EA or respawn and said.Thanks for the heads up

Even IGN and eurogamer are talking about it,saying it's only for UK residents.


They seem to be doing alright at nneogaf.It is from the official xbox TV ad where this all started.

@WaRSPiRiTUK here's the IGN article
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