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Lords Of The Fallen (Review)

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Lords Of The Fallen Review

I personally really like this title. Now, before I dive deep into this review I just want to clarify a few things.

1. I had originally played this around November of 2014 on Xbox One. I think it ran at about 15 - 30 FPS. So I didn't see it worth it on Console.
2. I never made it past the second boss a.k.a "Commander" while playing this on console because there was no difficulty option.
3. I have waited until 2016 to pick it up because I bought a GTX 970 paired with my AMD FX-6300 so I can play it on PC.
4. I haven't completed the game, because I am taking my time with it and exploring everywhere I can.


  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Good level designs.
  • Sounds! The sounds are amazing in the game. From the footsteps of your plated boots hitting the ground to opening a demon chest and hearing it "roar" until completely opened.
  • Options menu. I would have liked to see more, but what they have now is fine
  • The "Feel" of the game. I love how heavy you can feel when wearing heavy armor and how light and agile you are when wearing cloth "rouge" armor.
  • Weapons. There are plenty of weapons to choose from and having certain runes slotted into them makes the weapons more deadly!
  • Looting. Oh man, looting in this game is so much fun! From looting armor, weapons and runes I can't get enough!


  • Combat. While the combat is somewhat balanced, it just feels "okay". We do have some special moves you can pull of depending on your orientation to the enemy and/or type of attack, I think is kinda boring. I've spent most my time with the following on every enemy. 2 Heavy attacks + 1 Regular + 1 Heavy.
  • AI. The AI in this game gives me a mixed feeling. The AI scales with your characters level so it makes sense to make them hard or challenging. Well, with the different types of enemies you encounter (Excluding bosses) I feel like some of them "cheat" or are more difficult than they should be.
  • Music. (The Pros about sound were specifically on the in-game sound design, not the music) The music is okay, while it's nothing great, it does provide a certain feeling. I just wish they had a little more variety. While playing through the game you'll find yourself listening to the same audio tracks over and over again.


  • Boss fights. I am a few bosses in and had the weapon "My Axe" and the "Symmetry" armor set. While wearing this armor you get a 15% (I think) Damage increased when two-handing a weapon. So, I had two runes added to "My Axe" one High Poison Rune and one Low Fire Rune. I literally hit the "Annihilator" Boss about 6 times and killed it. Certain bosses are hard and certain ones are too easy and predictable.
  • Characters. I really dislike how all the character are introduced. Harkyn, a criminal we know that, but what for? Why was he chosen by Kaslo just to help "save" the world? Kalso, No idea who he is, besides a wizard/mage that was travelling with Harkyn and broke him out of prison. Anntanas, the guards look up to him as if he is a god. No real back story to him. (Keep in mind this is based off of not finding every single audio note and a general play-through of the game)


Overall is a nice game. It's solid and is worth picking it up. I personally waited until it was on sale from $39.99 to $9.99 USD. I would spend $9.99 again on it in a heart beat.

So, if you want to play dark souls or have tried and it seems too difficult for you then just pick this up. It's a much more relaxed casual look on a "Hardcore" Action RPG.

Rating 8/10.

Store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/265300

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