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Level Gaming Titanfall Events!

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High Priest
Hey guys, my name is Dwright. For all of you who don't know, I am an Xbox OneAdmin for Level Gaming (Level Battlefield). We are more known for our stellar tournaments for Battlefield. We are considering making the move to Titanfall and would like to see some feedback from the community. With our excellent resources like twitch production/casting and solid reputation we would like to bring the same intense, competitive fun over to Titanfall. Most of the top BF teams will also be playing Titalfall comp so we do have a voice within the community we already know and love. But hey, that's why I'm posting this here! To reach out to those we do not know yet and get your feedback.

Granted all this depends on the release of private lobbies and hopefully a spectator mode. However we would like to know what you guys think overall for events.

Here are some examples:
What rules should we implement to allow the player and viewer the best experience possible?
Should there be multiple modes played. Or just one?
What you guys want to see for prizes?

Anything that comes to mind please let us know and voice your opinion!!!

Below are the ways to get in contact with us Admins. I work alongside of two of the best guys in the business so please if you have any questions either post here or hit us up on twitter!

Dwright: Danny_729
Wally: ScumbagWally
Taylor: Tayl0r_Ward

We aren't just a group of people who throw events just for the hell of it. We are a group of people who put on events for games we not only play, but play competitively with the backing of the community.

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