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Last PC game purchased?

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What was the last PC game you purchased? For me it was the Tomb Raider Collection off STEAM on sale for $34.99, included the new reboot from earlier this year. :) Really awesome game BTW if you've yet to play it, I highly recommend doing so! :)


New Member
Civilization V: Gold Edition. It's a really great strategy game and the graphics are nice. There was a free weekend a while back and that's how I got into it. Ghandi is a total douche in that game, however. It's fun to evolve your people from desert nomads to nuclear warhead stockpilers.
The last PC game that I purchased was actually Black Ops 2. I played over the weekend and liked it, so I bought it (even though I already have it for PS3)


Last game I purchased was Killing floor. It was on sale on Steam.
Do you guys know about humblebundle? They are offering a few games for only a few dollars? I bought from them Company of heores, Metro...


New Member
My last purchase on Steam was either Counter Strike Source or Garry's Mod. Both are pretty fun, and when combined you have Trouble In Terrorist Town which is also pretty fun when you need to pass time or when you're bored.


Mark of the Ninja. It was on sale, or part of the bundle, and I've heard pretty great reviews of the game.
Never got the chance to play it though, I'm looking forward to playing it soon.


New Member
I bought Counter Strike Bundle in Steam during Christmas sale for $15. It contained Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Counter Strike: Source, Counter Strike, and Counter Strike: Condition Zero.
I liked Counter Strike: Global Offensive the most among them. However, I don't play it much right now because it doesn't support single player well and it requires high performances so I don't really play it much and I regret buying them.


New Member
Hmm... I haven't gotten a PC game in a while. I bought a whole lot during the last summer steam sale, and the only other game I've gotten since was Skyrim for christmas.


New Member
The most recent game i purchased: Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I really enjoyed the original so i thought it was only logical to try out this one and i was not disappointed. This is a great sequel and worthy of the great game title. The only flaw i can think of is the ending, which i did not enjoy that much. However, the actual gameplay is solid and I love the stealth / non-lethal mechanics the game provides. I just got some of the DLC's and i'm thinking of continuing to play this awesome cyberpunk game.


New Member
I usually play free to play games so the last PC game I bought was actually Guild Wars 2 while it was still in beta.
That seems like so long ago though. I'm really tempted to buy Tomb Raider for the PC but I don't have the extra cash to.
Well, the last PC game i bought was Mount and Blade: Warband because a friend of mine had it on his inventory, so we made a trade. Really cool game, liking it a lot, specially with the mass battles.


New Member
I just bought Terraria for me and my best friend yesterday. No regrets, so far. It's a very addictive game, and we just can't stop playing it. I highly recommend this game to everyone, as long as you've good imagination.


New Member
Defense Grid Bundle on Steam when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago. I'm a huge fan of Tower Defense genre and this has to be one of the best I've ever played. So far I've played it for more than 40 hours and I haven't even completed the main game yet. The whole bundle (Defense Grid: The Awakening + 3 DLCs) will probably take me around 150 hours to complete, an insane amount of time for something that I got for less than 5 dollars.
I'm currently into MMORPG with free installers, so I haven't bought any PC game this year. The last PC game I bought was Total War: Shogun 2, which I purchased around July or August last year. I bought the limited edition which includes a new playable clan Hattori, an exclusive scenario battle Nagashino, an online avatar armor and some experience in addition to it.


New Member
Banished was the last game I bought. I know it's supposed to be good but I didn't play it for more than half an hour. These building games are kind of hard for me to get into.
I got Wargame: AirLand Battle from steam during the holiday sale. I buy games very rarely so this will probably remain the last game I buy for a while.


New Member
I think the last one I bought was Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn. It's a really great MMO, I'm really impressed with it so far. I can't wait to get to level 50 and start raiding. I haven't seen anything about it yet, so hopefully it will be a pleasant suprise!


New Member
The last game that I purchased, I believe, was the Last of Us for PS3. That game tugged at my heartstrings and I could not bear to put it down. Not only does it have practically infinite replay-ability, but it was wonderfully crafted so that I would always be entertained. Not only does it invoke the feeling of enjoyment, but the character development that was implemented works in such a way that I actually became attached to all the characters that were introduced. (Yes, even you Tess!) I haven't made any purchases that have yet to top the Last of Us.
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