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Introducing the great me....-.- lol

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New Member
Hey what's up gamers? I'm in need of some friends-.- . Everybody I know and are friends with do not have a ps vita and I feel I'm not getting the full multiplayer experience out of it and I often get bored. So if you're interested go ahead and reply to this thread and we can get together and play some games. I have wipeout 2048 playstation all stars and mod nation racers and a few downloaded games. I know it is a terrible game collection but I'm saving up for a few releases on the ps3 and after I get the last of us I'll get a summer job from my family and maybe get cod bo declassified, ratchet and clank full frontal assault, assassin's creed revelations or something else give me some suggestions.:p


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the forums! Feel free to add me, I have Wipeout too. Also, I recommend Persona 4 Golden, arguably the best Vita game and even some who don't like turn base gameplay loves it.


Active Member
Welcome to the forum!
I have no VITA yet.:( But in a few weeks i getting mine!!:)
And i would add you then:D


New Member
I'll look into it I think that I may get little big planet for my ps3 to use the remote play feature on it more effectively I'll definitely look into that persona game thpugh it sounds alright
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